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Nguồn: Hội đồng Anh

I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense
1. She (not work)…, she (swim)… in the river.

2. Why Ann (not wear)… her new dress?

3. You can’t see Tom now: he (have)… a bath.

4. He usually (drink)… coffee but today he (drink)… tea.

5. – What she (do)… in the evenings?
– She usually (play)… cards or (watch)… TV.

6. She (stand)… at the bus stop. I asked her what bus she (wait)… for.

7. When I arrived, the lecture had already started and the professor (write)… on the overhead projector.
8. I didn’t want to meet Paul, so when he entered the room I (leave)…

9. He (watch)… TV when the phone rang. Very unwilling he (turn)… down the sound and (go)… to answer it.
10. – This is my house.
– How long you (live)… here?
– I (live)… here since 1970.

11. He (live)… in London for two years and then (go)… to Edinburgh.

12. I (not see)… him for three years. I wonder where he is.

13. I can’t go out because I (not finish)… my work.

14. Here are your shoes; I just (clean)… them.

15. You (have)… breakfast yet?
– Yes, I (have)… it at 8.00.

16. – You (be)… here before?
– Yes, I (spend)… my holidays here last year.
– You (have)… a good time?
– No, it never (stop)… raining.

17. – Where you (go)… for your holidays this year?
– I (go)… to Holland.

18. They (get)… married next week.

19. – You (do)… anything tonight?
– Yes, I (go)… to my carpentry class.

20. It (rain)… Look at those clouds.

21. You (have)… time to help me tomorrow?

22. – Did you remember to book seats?
– Oh no, I forgot. I (telephone)… form them now.

23. – He has just been taken to hospital with a broken leg.
– I’m sorry to hear that. I (send)… him some grapes.

24. I’ve hired a typewriter and I (learn)… to type.

25. I see that you have got a loom. You (do)… some weaving?

Tiếng Anh công chức hải quan

Phần II. Tiếng Anh công chức hải quan – Multiple choices
1. She… Hanoi last year
a. went b. go c. goes c. is going

2. Now you… from New York to Los Angeles in a matter of hours.
a. are flying b. would fly c. will fly d. can fly

3. When Carol… last night, I… my favourite show on television.
a. was calling – watched b. called – have watched
c. called – was watching d. had called – watched

4. By the time next summer, you… your studies.
a. completes b. will complete
c. are completing d. will have completed

5. Right now, Jim… the newspaper and Kathy… dinner
a. reads – has cooked b. is reading – is cooking
c. has read – was cooking d. read – will be cooking

6. Last night at this time, they… the same thing. She… and he… the newspaper.
a. are doing – is cooking – is reading b. were doing-was cooking – was reading
c. was doing – has cooked – is reading d. has done – was cooking – read

7. – Hurry up! We’re waiting for you. What’s taking you so long?
– I… for an important phone call. Go ahead and leave without me.
a. wait b. will wait c. am waiting d. have waited

8. – Robert is going to be famous someday. He… in three movies already.
– I’m sure he’ll be s star.
a. has been appearing b. has appeared c. had appeared d. appeared

9. – Hello? Alice? This is Jeff. How are you?
– Jeff? What a coincidence! I… about you when the phone rang.
a. was just thinking b. just thought
c. have just been thinking d. was just thought

10. – What… about the new simplified tax law?
– It’s more confusing than the old one.
a. are you think b. do you think
c. have you thought d. have you been thinking

11. – Why did you buy all this sugar and chocolate?
– I… a delicious dessert for dinner tonight.
a. make b. will make c. am going to make d. will have made
12. – Let’s go! What’s taking you so long?
– I’ll be there as soon as I… my keys.
a. found b. will find c. find d. am finding

13. While I… TV last night, a mouse ran across the floor.
a. watch b. watched c. was watching d. am watching

14. The earth… on the sun for its heat and light.
a. is depend b. depending c. has depend d. depends

15. I don’t feel good. I… home from work tomorrow.
a. am staying b. stay c. will have stayed d. stayed

16. I’ve been in this city for a long time. I… here sixteen years ago.
a. have come b. was coming c. came d. had come

17. – May I speak to Dr. Paine, please?
– I’m sorry, he… a patient at the moment. Can I help you?
a. is seeing b. sees c. has been seeing d. was seeing

18. – Paul, could you please turn off the stove? The potatoes… for at least 30 minutes.
a. are boiling b. have been boiling c. boiling d. were boiling

19. My family loves this house. It… the family home ever since my grandfather built it 60 years ago.
a. was b. has been c. is d. will be

20. I know you feel bed now, Tommy, but try to put it out of your mind. By the time you’re an adult, you… all about it.
a. forget b. will have forgotten c. will forget d. forgot

21. The little girl started to cry. She… her doll, and no one was able to find it for her.
a. has lost b. had lost c. was losing d. was lost

22. I… much of you lately. We… three months ago.
a. haven’t seen – last meet b. didn’t see – met
c. haven’t seen – have meet d. didn’t see – have met

23. The Chinese… spaghetti dishes for a long time before Marco Polo… back to Italy
a. made-brought b. have made-brought
c. made-had brought c. had been making-brought

24. When I arrived at the meeting the first speaker… speaking and the audience…
a. just finished-were clapping b. had just finished-had clapped
c. had just finished-were clapping d. just finished-had clapped

25. He… his job last month and then he… out of work.
a. lost – was b. was lost – had been
b. has lost – was d. lost – has been

26. Jane’s eyes burned and her shoulders ached. She… at the computer for five straight hours. Finally, she took a break.
a. is sitting b. has been sitting c. was sitting d. had been sitting

27. In the las hundred years, travelling… much easier and more comfortable.
a. become b. has become c. became d. will became

28. In the 19th century, it… two or three months to across North America by covered wagon
a. took b. had taken c. had been taken d. was taking

29. Sam… to change a light bulb when he… and…
a. was trying-slipped-fell b. tried-was slipping-falling
c. had been trying-slipped-was falling d. has tried-slips-falls

30. In the past, the trip… very rough and often dangerous, but things… a great deal in the last hundred and fifty years.
a. was-have changed b. is-change
c. had been-will change d. has been-changed

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